“When I meet with my friend Messi, great things are always happening,” Neymar wrote with the Barcelona star. The players are about to announce something soon.

Neymar, after transferring to Barcelona, found friends very quickly. The Brazilian caught great contact with Lionel Messi  and Luis Suarez .

The 26-year-old in summer departed for Paris Saint-Germain , but it did not affect his relations with the stars of the “Catalonia Duma”. Especially with the Argentinian, the 26-year-old maintains close contacts.

Neymar on Instagram posted a photo with Messi. The avalanche of rumors sparked a mysterious signature. – When I meet my friend Messi, great things are always happening. I will tell you more soon. Be vigilant – wrote the Brazilian star.

Will Neymar officially announce another game with Messi soon? This scenario seems less likely at the moment. Mainly because the Parisians do not want to give away the player after which they spent 222 million euros after a year. According to some journalists, this is possible, but at the earliest in 2019.


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