Juventus VS Bologna 3-1Goals & Highlights


Juventus in this championship own good Juventus contract groans of the Roberto Donadoni team balloon scuffle is the available time you were the fourth backup.

The arbiter in this meeting well, I think that those of you who closely follow this I’m with the pro in the world well, and the balloon is also there.

People who could be Swedish defender their culture the main opornik in an hour attack the event with this chapter with a sword strike.

Logan Salt is a loss balloon poison not usually the ball is given a pitch in the penalty box is the box and the truth is next to it. There they work very hard not a mother to obstruct the work.

The ball does not hit the bar further in the knockdown We use it, but it will also be able to but a dangerous moment. Runtime did not miss transfer to the penalty area of the square all the same time ball dibala ballista elements of dibala hit the gate well here one broke the other way was the chest.


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