Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick ‘Play Station Goal’ will go down in history, says Barzagli

Andrea Barzagli described Cristiano Ronaldo Bicycle kick for Real Madrid against Juventus as a ‘Play Station Goal’ that will go down in history.

The Portugal Star Scored an Acrobatic volley in the Second half of Madrid 3-0 win in Turin on Tuesday Match.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Bicycle Kick Goal

Marcelo added a third following red card give the Champion League holders a commanding first-leg lead in the quarter-final.

“It was Play Station Goal,” he told Mediaset Premium.When you are playing against one of the strongest in the world you need perfection.

As soon as you leave him, something he punishes you.Ronaldo bicycle kick is one of the best kick who remembers in history.

Juventus coach says it is bad that Cristiano Ronaldo Plays against us.We Perhaps deserver something more but we also risked conceding other goals.We accept this defeat and move on.

Cristiano Ronaldo picture with other soccer player
Cristiano Ronaldo picture with other soccer players

When you scored many goals in the champion league,It shows it’s not just a problem for us.He becomes Lethal & he always tried a thousand movements always get goals.

You Can’t do anything against Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick which is a unique goal in history.It was a perfect technique because all techniques are made for doing great goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who has much more skill in football.If you are also like Cristiano bicycle kick then share after watching this video.




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